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About the artist;

      Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I have been drawing horses since 5 years of age. Started in oils when I entered high school in 1963. Have worked with Pen & Ink, Pastels, Oils, and misc. But I prefer Acrylics, as they still present a challenge.

    I don't paint just to sell, I paint & create to get these deep feelings and ideas out of my soul and onto the canvas.

   Left Milwaukee behind and moved up north in 1974.

   I have a great family support system,(father, mother, husband, daughters)We built the 3-room gallery in 1997 to display my artwork and love of antiques, sleighs & buggies.

    Raised and showed American Saddlebreds for 30 year with my husband and youngest daughter.

    I am a mother of 3 lovely daughters and a grandmother to 5 wonderful grandchildren.

    My husband, Rudy Henning (an artist in his own right) and I live on a working dairy farm just north of Augusta, WI. Here beauty is in the song birds that visit the feeders year round, the deer & fawns in the fresh spring grass, the turkeys & geese with their young, the trees & their changing beauty with each season.

     My husband has given this to me and supports my efforts in art in many ways.


                  About the Gallery...

   In the late 80's I realized I needed some kind of a gallery, so I traded 2 paintings for a 12' x 60' old, old trailer house.

   By 1992 my stepdad Clarence Skroch and I had remodeled the inside so it was a nice, 2 room display for my paintings.

   I outgrew this trailer by 1997 and with rafters that were purchased earlier for a possible remodel to the old farm house (it never happened though) we added on a 3 room gallery.

   In 1997 we started the 34' x 36' addition on the west side of our old farmhouse for a new and bigger gallery. This was so exciting, now I would be able to have the room to incorporate my love of antique horse drawn sleighs while displaying my art. The gallery displays 9 antique sleighs (all different), in a large room amidst the horse art work. There is a Victorian room that hangs the other work, such as flowers, children, etc. Off the Victorian room as you look through a pair of french doors you can look into my small corner studio and see what new painting is being worked on.

    The fall of 2003 plans were worked out to put an addition of 20' x 32' on the west side of the gallery. This provided two large rooms. . . one is a 3rd exhibit room for paintings and my antique buggy collection, one is a one-seater Doctor's buggy dated 1915, another one is a beautiful 2 seat driving carriage complete with lamps, fenders, and a convertible top and the 3rd buggy is a Victorian drop-axle carriage. They are all displayed among artwork on the walls.

   The other room is our new shop for framing the prints. I think this will make us a more complete gallery, offering original paintings, signed and numbered limited edition lithograph prints with limited matting and framing available. Plus smaller gifts and some open edition lithograph prints too.

   This country gallery is on a working dairy farm so I encourage anyone who wants to come visit, PLEASE call ahead so I can be here to greet you. (715) 286-2464


The Henning Art Gallery and Sleigh & Carriage Museum is the dream of Rozan Henning. She started with humble beginnings and over the past 30 years those beginnings turned into this charming gallery and museum situated on a working dairy farm owned and operated by her husband, Rudy. 

All the beautiful images in the Photo Gallery area are available as cards and most are also available as prints too.

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